If you want it, HSS can find it.

Research driven, price conscience, time sensitive acquisition of the perfect car for your needs.


We’ll sit down with you and help you figure out what exactly you’re looking for in your next car.  We’ll take into account your budget & what gets you the best car for your specifications.  We will locate, ship, inspect, negotiate and secure pre-owned vehicles for you at wholesale prices. Whether your dream car gets 40 mpg or goes 200 mph, we can find it!  Not sure what to get, no problem!  We’ll go through an exhaustive checklist to help determine what is the best car for your money through extensive research & knowledge of the industry and what is available in the vast car industry.

HSS past buys:


Steve’s Silverado

Nick’s VW

Chris’ BMW

Ron’s Thunderbird

Sandi’s BMW

Kyle’s Dodge

Debra Jean’s Honda CRV

Chevy Impala

Honda Pilot

Baby Bear’s Landcruiser

Honda Odyssey 

Steve’s Lexus!

Town & Country

Alli’s new “Gumby”!!!

Courtnay’s “Hamilton” – Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. courtney says:

    Hi, how much is the chevy 1986 truck?
    how many miles?

  2. adrian bosby says:

    lookin for a nice car that fits me and my budget…thank you

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